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Frans Schartau Business Insitute has provided vocational education for adults for over a century. The Institute was founded by Frans Schartau in 1865 with The Wholesalers Society of Stockholm appointed as its first principal. We have collaborated closely with the business sector since that time. Today Frans Schartau Business Institute is part of the The Labour Market Administration within the City of Stockholm. Our programmes have an excellent reputation and are well known by businesses and professionals throughout Sweden.

Higher Vocational Education

Schartau offers programmes within the framework of Higher Vocational Education (HVE). HVE is a post secondary form of education where theoretical learning is integrated with vocational practice at the workplace. The Programmes come under the supervision of the Swedish Agency for Advanced Vocational Education. The length of programmes can vary between 40 and 80 weeks and are free of charge. Students are entitled to financial aid.

Workplace learning

HVES provide opportunities to gain firsthand experience and contacts in working life.
Up to one third of an education programme time is spent at the workplace. Workplace learning enables students to gain insight into their chosen professions early on in their education. It also provides an opportunity to create important contacts for their future professional career. At the same time, prospective employers can observe developing skills and competences of potential co-workers/employees. 

Business oriented

We offer our students a chance to interact with their specific fields of business throughout their studies at Schartau. Guest lecturers and the majority of teachers come directly from the business world. The programme directors also arrange ”meet and greet” opportunities, encouraging and enabling students and business represen-tatives to interact. Our aim is to become a natural first choice when companies employ new staff. It is not uncommon for businesses to contact us directly when they need to recruit. Statistics show that 97% of our students has a job within a six months period after graduation. We supply Stockholm with trained professionals.

All of our programmes are conducted in Swedish.
Programme information

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Frans Schartaus Handelsinstitut
Blekingegatan 55
118 56 Stockholm
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